Why Rent?

Bizzee Bee Rentals offers quick and easy solutions for the home, office and lifestyle.

We offer a broad range of solutions that can be tailored to every budget, taste and need. So whether it the latest smartphone, smart TV, iPad, lounge suite, washer, dryer, fridge, office chairs, or home gym to keep you in shape, Bizzee Bee Rentals is your one-stop-shop for all of life necessities. At Bizzee Bee Rentals, we’re taking the sting out of buying.

Help you manage your money

When it comes to maintaining a healthy cash flow, renting eliminates the upfront costs of buying products. You pay a rental as you go, which means you can have access to what you need now. This is great news if your fridge or washer is on its last legs, or you want a big screen television for the lounge room. Bizzee Bee Rentals is here to help you take on life’s little challenges such as leaving home for the first time or relocating to a new town. Need a second fridge or extra bed before guests arrive? Renting is the obvious choice, since the surplus rental products can be returned after your guests leave.

Saves you time

Trawling online for bargain used furniture or appliances can take up precious or family time. So Stop! Solve your problem quickly with Bizzee Bee Rentals. Simply apply to rent online or make a quick call to us at Bizzee Bee Rentals on 1300 24 99 33 and have a chat with our friendly staff, or come on in and see us at 509 Peel Street, Tamworth (opposite the Clover Car Wash) about renting Brand new or Near new goods. Problem solved.

Stay up to date

The fabulous thing about Bizzee Bee Rentals is that we help you stay up to date. Seems the moment you buy new technology, there another device released with brilliant new features! Talk to us about leasing the latest technology anytime when you want to keep up with the latest and greatest. Even more reasons to rent with Bizzee Bee Rentals

Next business day delivery

Patience is a virtue, but a highly overrated one! Once the paperwork is done, our delivery trucks will be on your doorstep by or on the next business day

Free installation

Did you know where installation is necessary , we install every rental item that we have? So you’ve got no worries having to crawl around connecting things or moving heavy stuff. Sit back and relax while we unpack and position your new fridge, bedroom suite or smart TV at no extra cost. No more flat-pack nightmares or back strain from hefting a heavy load.

Short term options

Need a quick rescue short-time rental? Our Short Term rental option is perfect for that moment in time. Lease for a week – lease for up to 4 months. Ask in store for more details.

Easy way to pay

Bizzee Bee Rentals speedy responsible leasing assessment process and easy way to pay means that you’ll be enjoying your new rental product in no time. Simply make or send an enquiry now to get the ball rolling.

Friendly service

We value your support and have a genuine need to make you smile. Come and see us and experience Bizzee Bee Rentals difference. + Next business day delivery only available within 50km radius of store. – Approval subject to credit criteria being met. – Short term rental is up to 4 months or less ask in store for offer and pricing details. Approval process and terms and conditions apply.