Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You can make an application to rent via any product page on this website or by calling us on 1300 249 933

What information do I need when applying?

You will need to provide us with 3 forms of Identification, last 3 months bank statements and a Centrelink Deduction statement. Bank Statements can be accessed via our partner site , which is free to use.

Why do I need to supply references?

We ask for you to supply us with 4 references as a way to contact you should we not be able to. We do not contact your references for any other reason.

Is there a deposit of bond required?

Generally a deposit or bond is not required unless circumstance call for one (such as a short term rental).

What happens if I move?

If you move house, town or state, you must contact us immediately and provide us with your new details. We can arrange for the item to be moved for you free of charge (conditions apply) or you may arrange to move them yourself if you like. If moving out of the area, please contact us first as there may be details that need to be discussed first regarding your rental items.

How long do I have to rent for?

Our rental agreements are for a period of 2 years ( 24 months) with short term agreements for up to 4 months.

Do I need to be home for deliveries?

Yes. We will not deliver items unless you are home to sign paperwork, or if you have already signed in store, arranged for someone to be at the premises whilst delivering. We will not leave any good unattended at any property.

How much do I pay upfront?

Generally we require the first weekly of fortnightly payment upfront depending on what payment cycle you request. This is not a bond or deposit

How do I pay my rent?

Payments can be made either via Direct Debit from you bank account or via the Centrepay facility.

Do you delivery on the weekends?

Our business hours are 8am – 5pm , Monday to Friday so deliveries are made during these hours unless special circumstances arise. Please contact our office and discuss this with us.

Is delivery included in the price?

Delivery of all good is free within the local area. A delivery fee may apply for areas outside the local area. Contact the office for further information.

What happens if my product breaks down?

If your items ever breaks down during the rental period, give us a call and we will arrange for the item to be repaired or replaced with a similar item if it cannot be fixed.

Are the appliance and equipment new?

At Bizzee Bee Rentals we have both new and pre-rental items available to suit all budgets.

Do you rent to students and unemployed?

Yes. Subject to a consumer assessment application, we have a rental plan to suit your needs.

Are my personal details kept private?

Yes. Bizzee Bee Rentals adheres to a strict Privacy Policy.

Can I stop renting at any time?

Yes you can. Please contact us on 1300 249 933 as fees and charges may apply in some instances.

Can I rent for just a short period?

Yes. We do short term rental agreements for up to 4 months. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

What if I have a complaint?

Should ever a complaint arise, please contact out Complaints Manager on 1300 249 933.