Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Filmdrum Pty. Ltd. trading as Bizzee Bee Rentals
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This Privacy statement explains in general terms how Filmdrum Pty Ltd ( Bizzee Bee Rentals) protects the privacy of your personal information. We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), the Credit Reporting Regime and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (CR code) as contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The APPs, the Credit Reporting Regime and the CR code detail how personal information, credit information, and credit eligibilty information may be collected, used, disclose, stored and destroyed, and how you may gain access to or may gain access to or make complaints about personal information held about you.

Notification of information collection

Prior to the commencement of collection of information concerning a consumer, that consumer will be notified of this intended collection. This notification will be by ways of inclusion in the Privacy Notification and Consent Agreement, provided to all consumers during the application process. The notification document will inform the consumer about:

  1. the purpose/s for which their personal identification and credit information is obtained;
  2. the entities to which the company may disclose this information;
  3. what could happen if the consumer decides not to provide such information;
  4. Bizzee Bee Rentals and/or related company’s direct marketing using the information obtained and the fact that no other entity will have access for direct marketing purposes;
  5. whether or not Bizzee Bee Rentals is required to collect and provide information under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (Cth) 2009, the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act (Cth) 2006, and other laws as maybe relevant and specified from time to time;
  6. Bizzee Bee Rentals privacy policy can be available in print on request;
  7. any disclosure of information we may make to an entity based in an overseas country; and
  8. the country in which that entity/those entities are based; and/or
  9. disclosure to a credit reference body, which one/s and why; and/or
  10. disclosure to another lessor and/or credit provider, which one/s and why.

Collection of personal identification and credit information

Bizzee Bee Rentals personnel are only to collect identification information as specified in the application/assessment form, and are only to collect credit information for the following purposes;

  1. assessing an application for a lease;
  2. identifying the consumer’s requirements and objectives;
  3. providing “not unsuitable” leases;
  4. managing leases;
  5. protecting consumers and the company from error and fraud;
  6. taking informed collection action; and
  7. complying with legislation, regulation and code requirements.

This information is sourced from:

  1. the lease applicant;
  2. existing company held information;
  3. third parties, with the consumer’s permission;
  4. other lessors and / or credit providers;
  5. credit reporting bodies;
  6. from court and tribunal hearings and decisions;
  7. information already in the public domain.

In the course of this collection, the company may be provided with government identifiers. These identifiers are not used by the company to identify consumers

Bizzee Bee Rentals only collects information which is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to , Bizzee Bee Rentals’ leasing activities, as defined in Section 6 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (Cth) 2009.

Bizzee Bee Rentals defines “sensitive information” as any information about a person’s racial / ethnic background, political opinion, membership of a political party or association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record or health information.

Bizzee Bee Rentals will not collect, capture or store sensitive information, even if offered by the consumer.


Use or disclosure of personal identification and credit information

Bizzee Bee Rentals’ Privacy Notifications and Consent Agreement will specify the purposes for collecting the consumer’s information. These being:

  1. to assist Bizzee Bee Rentals’ representatives make an informed decision concerning the consumer’s requirements and objectives, during the application/assessment process;
  2. to assist Bizzee Bee Rentals’ representatives make an informed decision concerning the application for a lease that is “not unsuitable”, during the application/assessment process;
  3. to assist in the management of the lease during its term;
  4. to assist in collection action, should there be an overdue account or default associated with the consumer’s lease;
  5. to assist in complying with any law, court or tribunal order, or request from a government enforcement authority.

Bizzee Bee Rentals does not disclose information that may be held overseas. However, Bizzee Bee Rentals may use cloud storage and IT servers located overseas, to store the personal information.

Bizzee Bee Rentals does not provide any information to third party entities for direct marketing purposes, but may use consumer identification and credit information to advise consumers of the company’s and / or a related company’s products and services that are available, from time to time.

Bizzee Bee Rentals may provide information to a credit reporting body. That information will be limited to identification, enquiries and default information only.


Consumer access to information

Bizzee Bee Rentals will permit a properly identified consumer to have access to the information Bizzee Bee Rentals hold about them, to inspect for accuracy, that it is up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. This access shall include the opportunity to inspect a copy of information held electronically, as well as in printed form.

Bizzee Bee Rentals may refuse access if the request is frivolous, vexatious, relates to legal proceedings where the correct method for access is via discovery, may prejudice current negotiation, would hinder investigations by a government compliance authority, or in accordance with an Australian law, court or tribunal order.

Such refusal will be communicated to the consumer in writing, with an explanation for the refusal, and an indication as to where they might go to complain, if the consumer considers the decision unsatisfactory, with that being Bizzee Bee Rentals’ IDR process, Bizzee Bee Rentals’ EDR scheme, and/or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Bizzee Bee Rentals will respond to consumer requests for access to their information, within 5 business days and will make every reasonable attempt to facilitate access within 10 business days, noting that this is less that the statutory requirement.


Information quality and corrections

Bizzee Bee Rentals makes all reasonable endeavors to obtain consumer information that is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading. However, Bizzee Bee Rentals recognises that it is highly reliant on the consumer to be honest, aware and forthcoming with relevant information. This particularly so in regards to expenditure details, contribution to household income and expenditure statistics, and future events that may be predicted and may impact negatively on the consumer’s ability to repay.

If Bizzee Bee Rentals itself becomes aware, or following a consumer request to inspect their information, of any deficiency in regard to the quality of the information that Bizzee Bee Rentals holds, if reasonable and practicable to do so, Bizzee Bee Rentals will seek to correct or replace such information within 5 days. Following such action, Bizzee Bee Rentals will provide a copy of the corrected information to the consumer to seek verification and, thereafter, to any entity to which Bizzee Bee Rentals has previously provided a copy of the original information.


Information security

Information is stored electronically in the company’s secured IT system. This system incorporates passwords, employs virus scanning software and firewalls. Where information is stored in hard copy, it is held within an office environment accessed only by senior management, specified representatives and support staff. The relevant office is locked and security protected at night. Back up electronic storage is also undertaken on and off site, with appropriate passwords and encryptions.

Destruction of the consumer’s information by shredding and deletion , or permanently de-identifying information, is undertaken at least 7 years after Bizzee Bee Rentals’ arrangements with the consumer have concluded.


Website management

Bizzee Bee Rentals’ website and its use for the collection of information is subject to the same policies that apply for the collection, holding, use and disclosure of consumer identification and credit information obtained by an other manner as outlined above.


Third party access

Where Bizzee Bee Rentals’ website provides an opportunity to access a  third parties website and the consumer provides information via that third parties website, Bizzee Bee Rentals may be provided with that information, reflecting an arrangement between Bizzee Bee Rentals and that third party



When Bizzee Bee Rentals advertises on a third party website, that third party may use “cookies” and/or wen beacons to collect information, such as the address of the server the consumer’s computer is logged onto, the consumer’s browser, the date and time of the consumer’s visit to the website, what pages the consumer accessed and whether or not the consumer completed any forms or not.


How to contact us

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